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Skeletal system

Cancer throws the cell-formation processes within the body out of kilter. The body’s own cells become malignant, multiply quicker and exhibit an increased metabolism. When a cancer therapy is successful, this adverse biological activity is reduced. Images from a PET-CT make it possible to determine whether cancer therapy is effective or not.

About the appointment

We offer this examination at the following locations in Vienna.
  • PET-CT cancer diagnostics
  • Immediate appointments
  • Private institute

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Available tracers

  • F‑18 FLUORIDE: Metabolically active bone areas can be visualised with this tracer, which is used for F‑18-FDG-negative primary bone tumours or bone metastases.
  • F‑18 FDG: This stands for F‑18 deoxyglucose and consists of a radioactive fluorine-marked dextrose molecule, which accumulates in pathological cells as cancer cells exhibit increased dextrose consumption. In cancer diagnostics, this tracer is often used for head and neck tumours.

Important information

  • Please bring any previous findings and images to your examination.
  • Please arrive at the examination nil by mouth. You should have had your last meal the night before the examination.
  • Drink plenty of water one hour before the examination.
  • A possible pregnancy must be ruled out.
  • Please inform us while making the appointment if you are a nursing mother so that we can discuss the further procedure with you.
  • Contact with pregnant women and toddlers should be avoided on the day of the examination.

Waiting time for an appointment

Appointments with short waiting times are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

PET-CTs are currently not listed within the benefits catalogue of statutory health insurers and therefore only covered through private health insurance.
Our fee notes can be submitted in any case to all private health insurers that cover outpatient services.

Various tracers are used depending on the condition. We will gladly inform you about the costs during a personal consultation.

We ask you to, at the latest, cancel your appointment at noon on the day before the examination since tracers are specifically prepared for each examination.
A cancellation fee is charged in case of late appointment cancellation or if the examination cannot be performed.//