MRI of the foetus

A pregnancy is an extraordinary experience for any woman, and all parents want nothing more than a healthy child. The health of the unborn child can be examined by means of an ultrasound within the context of the Mutter-Kind-Pass [pregnancy and early-childhood medical record book]. The foetal MRI is an especially precise examination method in case of conspicuous and unclear ultrasound findings and offers soon-to-be-parents comprehensive insight into their child’s well-being.

About the appointment

We offer this examination at the following locations in Vienna.
  • Immediate appointment
  • Personal consultation with a doctor
  • KFA, private free-choice physician, private

Imaging in the mother’s womb

Clarity about child development

A detailed assessment of the foetus

An MRI of the foetus is the latest and currently the most accurate method for imaging the developing child. This technology makes a detailed assessment of the foetus possible without harming the child.

Experts for complex conditions

In Austria, an ultrasound organ-screening is obligatory between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy. The examination is to be performed by a gynaecologist. Sometimes this results in suspicious findings that cause uncertainty and require further clarification.

Clarifying unclear findings

A foetal MRI is a very precise and high-quality diagnostics tool for visualising unclear findings or uncertainties that may occur within the context of organ-screening. Foetal image diagnostics also provides important information regarding therapy and birth planning.

When is a clarification beneficial?

An MRI of the foetus can be performed with meaningful results from the 18th week of pregnancy. The larger the child, the more accurate the diagnosis. The examination can be repeated at any time in case of unclear findings within the context of an MRI prior to the 24th week of pregnancy.

Well-informed in all matters

Requirements for an MRI of the foetus

  • Please bring any previous findings to the examination.

Important information

  • A foetal MRI is only possible from the 18th up to the 24th week of pregnancy. The larger the child, the more accurate the diagnostic procedure.
  • Please inform us of your medical family history or of any congenital illnesses.
  • It is not possible to perform a foetal MRI on persons wearing a pacemaker.
  • Prior clarification is required in case you have any implants.
  • Piercings, jewellery and watches must be removed.
  • Do not consume any caffeinated beverages (coffee, cola) prior to the examination as this will cause the child to move excessively.

Procedure for an MRI of the foetus

  • A foetal MRI is completely harmless for the child.
  • Usually the brain, spinal marrow, face, neck, hands, legs and the mother’s placenta are examined.
  • It is absolutely necessary for you to lie still so that we can generate high-quality images. Please let us know if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Waiting time for an appointment

Appointments without waiting times are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

Foetal MRs are currently not listed within the benefits catalogue of statutory health insurers and therefore only covered through private health insurance.
Our fee notes can be submitted in any case to all private health insurers that cover outpatient services.
We are happy to advise you personally in this regard.