Bone density measurement

The firmness of the skeletal apparatus is determined with an osteoden­si­to­metry. Bones often become brittle and break more readily with advancing age since the bone metabolism changes over time. We produce our results with a low-radiation DEXA bone density scan. Medications for osteoporosis are available.

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Requirements for a bone density measurement

  • Please bring your e‑card and referral.
  • Any previous findings are also to be submitted.
  • GKK: Please always obtain the approval IN ADVANCE and bring it to the examination. An approval for patients from the 65th year of life for women and the 70th year of life for men is only required if a bone density scan is to be performed more often than once in three years.
  • BVA (ÖB), VAEB (EB), SVS-GW and SVS-LW: The costs of one scan per year are covered.
  • KFA: An approval is to be obtained IN ADVANCE.
  • The costs amount to € 35.00 in case the examination is not approved by social insurance.

Important information

  • The bone density measurement is performed with low-dosed X‑ray radiation.
  • Metallic objects must be removed.

Procedure for a bone density measurement

  • A bone density scan takes about 10 minutes.
  • It is completely painless.
  • You are required to remove your outer clothing.
  • Images of the spine and hips are generated.
  • You should move as little as possible during the examination.

Waiting time for an appointment

Quick appointments are possible.

Quick appointments are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

Direct billing with all statutory health insurers.

Direct billing with all statutory health insurers.