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Ultrasound of vessels

The condition of the vascular wall (calcification) as well as the vascular diameter (constrictions, aneurysms) can be depicted with an ultrasound. The colour Doppler sonography measures the blood flow speed. Vascular constrictions (stenoses) or occlusions of the carotid artery or abdominal aorta can thereby be depicted in a non-invasive manner.

About the appointment

We offer this examination at the following locations in Vienna.
  • Immediate appointment
  • Personal consultation with a doctor
  • KFA, private free-choice physician, private

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Requirements for an ultrasound of vessels

  • Please bring your e‑card and referral.
  • Any previous findings are also to be submitted.

Important information

  • For a vascular ultrasound, blood flow is examined in order to depict the flow and any possible intravenous obstructions.

Procedure for an ultrasound of the vessels

  • A vascular ultrasound takes between 5 and 15 minutes
  • It is completely painless.
  • The patient assumes a lying, sitting or prone position.
  • A gel is applied to the bodily region to be examined.
  • The radiologist slides the ultrasonic probe over the examination area as ultrasonic images are captured.

Waiting time for an appointment

Termine ohne Wartezeit möglich.

Costs & reimbursement

Direktverrechnung mit der KFA und Wahlarzt für alle anderen gesetzlichen Krankenkassen (ÖGK, SVS und BVAEB).
In jedem Fall können unsere Honorarnoten bei allen Privatversicherungen, die ambulante Leistungen abdecken, eingereicht werden.