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X‑ray of the Stomach

Causes of stomach ailments such as acid reflux are clarified by means of X‑ray images of the stomach and duodenum.

About the appointment

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Requirements for an X-ray of the stomach

  • Please bring your e‑card and referral.
  • Any previous findings are also to be submitted.
  • Please do not eat, drink or smoke 6 hours prior to the examination. You may continue to take important medications with just a little bit of water.

Important information

  • An X‑ray of the stomach is performed with a contrast agent, which is administered orally.
  • A possible pregnancy must be ruled out.

Procedure for an X-ray of the stomach

  • You are asked to swallow sherbet powder, which causes air to form in the stomach and thereby improves imaging.
  • You will subsequently be asked to drink a contrast agent.
  • After lying down, you will be asked to rotate your body so that the contrast agent disperses evenly.
  • Images are subsequently recorded in the supine, prone and lateral position.

Waiting time for an appointment

Quick appointments are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

Direct billing with all statutory health insurers.