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X‑Ray of the kidneys and urinary passages

We use a pyelography to clarify problems with the kidneys and/​or urinary passages.

About the appointment

We offer this examination at the following locations in Vienna.
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  • Immediate appointment
  • Personal consultation with a doctor
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Requirements for a pyelography

  • Please bring your e‑card and referral to the examination.
  • Please also bring any previous findings.
  • The examination is performed with a contrast agent. Results from a blood test (not older than 2 months) including your renal and TSH (thyroid) values are required.

Important information

  • A possible pregnancy must be ruled out.

Procedure for a pyelography

  • A pyelography takes half an hour on average.
  • An X‑ray of the kidneys is initially performed without contrast agent in order to detect the presence of stones.
  • A contrast agent is then injected intravenously into the arm vein, and images are recorded in an interval of 5 to 10 minutes in order to depict the urinary passage and its functions.

Waiting time for an appointment

Quick appointments are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

Direct billing with all statutory health insurers.

Optimally prepared for the examination

Important information brochures, fact sheets and forms for printing, reading and filling out.