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CT-guided pain therapy

Many patients suffer from acute or chronic pain in the area of the neck or back. We provide a gentle and highly precise treatment in the form of periradicular CT-guided pain therapy. This non-invasive procedure is used for herniated discs and relapses, post-operative scarring, neuroforaminal stenosis and for acute and chronic back pain.

  • Immediate appointment
  • Personal consultation with a doctor
  • KFA, private free-choice physician, private

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Requirements for CT-guided pain therapy

  • A referral from the treating physician is required; treatment is also possible after consultation with our specialist radiologists.
  • You are required to bring any previous findings (MRI or CT results) to the examination.

Important information

  • For patients taking blood-thinning medications: Please inform us in advance as to which medications you are taking.
  • Please provide your coagulation status.

Procedure for CT-guided pain therapy

  • You assume a prone position on the table as it slowly moves through the CT tube and captures images of your spine.
  • The radiation dose is very low.
  • Pain medication is injected into the troublesome area with a thin needle.
  • Patients are permitted to leave after an observation period of one hour. However, your fitness to drive will be impaired, and you should not operate a vehicle on the examination day.

Waiting time for an appointment

Appointments without waiting times are possible.

Costs & reimbursement

We do not bill statutory health insurers with the exception of KFA. Our fee notes can be submitted in any case to all private health insurers that cover outpatient services.

Treatment costs
Initial treatment – from € 300.00
KFA –covered by statutory health insurance