Women’s health

The mammography is a widely established method for the early detection of breast cancer. However, women’s health, as we understand it, can be much more precise. We have the necessary expertise, experience and technology to provide certainty in case of dense breast tissue, hereditary breast cancer risk or unclear diagnoses.

Why regular checks are important?

These checks help us get the risk of breast cancer under control.

Early detection

The earlier cancer is discovered, the better the chances of recovery. Imaging procedures make it possible to detect the disease at an early stage.

Utilising expertise

We perform many breast cancer examinations per day and know what is important. Take advantage of our expertise for the benefit of your health.

All-round well-being

Susceptibility to diseases increases with age. The knowledge that there is nothing to worry about is priceless.

Quick and easy

We strive to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible as we optimise waiting times and examination procedures.

Optimal imaging and a wealth of expertise